Reclaimed America is a compilation of our two companies, JCWoodworking and Reclaimed Relics. JCWoodworking specializies in reclaiming antique structures and antique wood from early American buildings. Reclaimed Relics, as featured on the National Geographic Channel’s series “Abandoned”, specializes in industrial, architectural and primitive antiques saved from some of America’s most fascinating factories, churches, schools and other abandoned structures. The goal of both companies is to preserve the objects and stories of our history. Our products range from a single shutter to an entire building, but our goal is the same: to reclaim, recycle, repurpose and remember the amazing objects from times past.

One of the goals of Reclaimed America is to offer our clients and fans of the TV show an interactive place to see what we’re doing, share ideas, and stay connected. Please check out our Youtube Channel, follow us on facebook or pinterest or share your thoughts on our blogspot!

JC Woodworking

JC Woodworking specializes in antique lumber and early American wooden structures. We offer reclaimed flooring, siding and beams in addition to entire structures, carefully tagged and dismantled to be reassembled on your property.

Reclaimed Relics

Reclaimed Relics specializes in finding treasures in some of America's oldest buildings. We sell industrial, primitive and architectural antiques. While some items are sold in their original vintage condition, some are re-purposed into high end furnishings.

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